Release Date: June 30th 2023


  • CD Digipak
  • 12” Black Vinyl in Gatefold
  • D2C Exclusive Coloured Green Vinyl with signed insert
  • Special D2C products and bundles
  • Digital Download and Streaming

New Wave of British Heavy Metal stalwarts RAVEN unleash their ear-splitting new album ‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’, out now via Silver Lining Music.! Order/Listen now at this location.

RAVEN’s new album, All Hell’s Breaking Loose, demands that you prepare yourself for a metal rampage the likes of which you haven’t enjoyed in many a year! The Newcastle pioneers, formed by the Gallagher brothers (bassist/vocalist John and guitarist Mark) and rounded out by drummer extraordinaire Mike Heller have emerged from Heller’s own Heaven And Heller Studios in Los Angeles with 10 crisp, visceral metal classics, each fused with riffs, twists, turns, chaos and more hooks than all the Hellraiser movies combined (think hyperbole, ‘turn-it-UP’ and find out for yourself)!

‘Go For The Gold’ is an amalgamation of riffs and furious, percussive madness, yet behind it all a melodic journey that makes it multi-dimensional skull-crushing. Meanwhile ‘Surf The Tsunami’ sees Heller gatecrash your eardrums with a furious flurry of his own, before some supreme twister riffs bring on the full metal chaos; ‘Turn Of The Screw’ bounces on the upbeats before smashing you with a thunderous chorus; ‘The Far Side’ has as classic a metal riff as you’ll hear in 2023; ‘Desperate Measures’ is pure ’81-saturated tales of hardship and despair, if you ever wondered what RAVEN at the Marquee were like on a sweaty metal night in ’83; ‘Edge of A Nightmare’ is your portal to paradise, thundering as hard as the opener ‘Medieval’.

“RAVEN have never lost it.” – FIREWORKS
“A near perfect amalgam of pummeling metal and accessible melody” – FISTFUL OF METAL
“Short, sharp and not so sweet” – ROCK CANDY
“A sheer delight” – THE WIRE
“With ‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’ RAVEN proves still to be relevant in the year 2023” – AARDSCHOK
“With 'All Hell's Breaking Loose' RAVEN is going for gold. No fillers but ten songs that put a big smile on the face of every RAVEN fan'' – METAL-EXPERIENCE
“Pure, unadulterated heavy metal'' – ROCK TRIBUNE
“‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’ is totally motivated and full of energy and it feels and sounds like RAVEN were founded just last week” – SLAM MAGAZINE
“… an exceptional energetic performance… traditional, passionate heavy metal… ‘All Hell’s Breaking Loose’ is indispensable core content. A triumph for the heroes of the working metal class – may they be with us for much longer! - METAL HAMMER

All Hell’s Breaking Loose is out now on 12” Black Vinyl, 12” Limited Edition Green Vinyl, CD Digipak, Tape Cassette, Digital Formats and special D2C bundles. Order at this location.


1. Medieval
2. Surf The Tsunami
3. Turn Of The Screw
4. All Hell’s Breaking Loose
5. The Far Side
6. Desperate Measures
7. Victory’s Call
8. Edge Of A Nightmare
9. Invasion
10. Go For The Gold
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